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TooNFT is an unprecedented blockchain-based platform that will revolutionize the WebToon industry by creating an innovative next-generation NFT ecosystem.

The core functionalities of TooNFT are

Directing exchanges between writers, readers, and investors without a middleman

Creating a transparent compensation system for investors and creators

Turning WebToon creations into tradable NFTs

WebToon’s subscription service Go to Catalog
The main service of the TooNFT platform is a WebToon
content subscription service, allowing WebToon writers to
freely serialize their content products through the TooNFT
platform. Users can subscribe to the WebToons they want to
read by using TOON tokens as payment methods.
NFT Market Discover NFT
NFT Market provides NFT P2P trading functions between NFT sellers and buyers. ETH and stable coins will be used for NFT transactions, and users who contributed to the activation of the transaction will be compensated with TOON tokens. All transactions are made through smart contracts, and all transactions are transparently recorded on the network.

Ecosystem participants can create NFTs through the TooNFT platform, and the generated NFTs can be kept in their personal wallets. There are two types of NFT platforms: NFT, which have the right to benefit from the content, and NFT which are created using popular characters.